Avalon counselling is a Renfrewshire based counsellling service offering a range of specialist therapies in a comfortable safe space .

Data Protection statement

The Government has published its Data Protection Bill to replace this Act. The European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force in May 2018.

Avalon CBT adheres to the Data Protection Act 2018. Any data gathered during the course of therapy is kept secure and used for research and service development purposes. It is not used for marketing purposes.

To operate efficiently Avalon has to collect information about people accessing counselling services. The information is not shared, processed or handled by any other party.

At assessment clients are provided with a consent form detailing what information is kept and how it will be used.

The principles of Data Protection

The Act stipulates that anyone processing the Date must comply with Eight Principles of good practice These are legally enforceable and summarised below.

First Principle: Personal data must be processed fairly and lawfully.

In line with ethical guidelines set out by the governing counselling organisations COSCA will be adhered to fairly and lawfully ensuring that your personal details are secure.

Second Principle: Personal data must only be obtained for one or more specified purposes and must only be processes in a way that is consistent with the specified purpose.

Personal data pertaining to the presenting problem(s) will be obtained using standardised evaluation methods with the sole intention of addressing the presenting issue(s)

Third Principle: Personal data must be adequate, relevant and not excessive for the purpose it was processed for.

All data is gathered to provide a clear and comprehensive picture of your needs within a counselling contact. Only information that is relevant is gathered and no information is gathered for marketing or other purposes.

Fourth Principle: Personal data must be accurate and, where necessary kept up to date.

Avalon counselling will update files regularly and ensure that all the information gathered is accurate.

Fifth Principle: Personal data processed for any purpose must not be kept longer than it is necessary to fulfil its purpose.

No data is kept for longer than is necessary and will be disposed of safely after a period of limit of six years.

Sixth Principle: Personal data must be processed in line with the data subjects’ rights

Your rights will be respected and no irrelevant information is gathered or stored without your prior knowledge and informed consent.

Seventh Principle: Appropriate security measures must be taken to protect against unauthorised or illegal data processing. All date is kept secure and files are encrypted to ensure that your personal date is kept secure. No data is kept on cloud or other unsecure platforms.

Eight Principle: Transferring personal data outside the European Economic Ara is restricted unless the rights and freedoms of date subjects are protected.

No personal data is transferred outside of the protected EEA .

Personal and sensitive data

The act provides conditions for the processing of any personal data. It also makes a distinction between personal and personal sensitive data

You have a right to see any documentation gathered during the process of counselling.

Subject Access Request (SAR) Avalon counselling will provide you with the personal information you request within a 40-day time period. There is an administration fee of £5.00 for this service. Proof of identity such as a driving license passport is required before information is released.