Avalon counselling is a Renfrewshire based counsellling service offering a range of specialist therapies in a comfortable safe space .

What are CBT and CFT?

Avalon is a place to go to heal.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

How we think (Cognition) affects how we feel (Emotions) and shapes how we act (Behaviour).

CBT focuses on changing the way we think about ourselves and enables us to look at situations differently. By modifying our thoughts we can manage our emotions and behaviour to help us cope with difficulties.

In counselling sessions, we will use a range of specially developed tools to support learning and change. At the end of each session we will work together to develop an action plan to support you between sessions.

Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT)

CFT involves developing compassion for yourself and others to support coping skills. CFT is derived from Buddhist practices and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

The principle aims of CFT are to recognise suffering in yourself and others, and work to alleviate emotional pain.

CFT incorporates mindfulness practice and can be very effective in the treatment of shame-based problems including anxiety, disordered eating and trauma related issues.

Avalon counselling utilises techniques from CBT and CFT to support you to cope with stress, challenging relationships, bereavement, depression and low self-esteem.